Advantages of Teen Invisalign

Technological innovation brings the amazing Invisalign® system for straightening teeth. Gone is the embarrassment from wearing ugly metal braces. Invisalign® is made from strong, perfectly clear plastic that is almost invisible. Few others will notice them. Smile brightly and with confidence while teeth are being realigned in a gentle way with state-of-the-art technology.

The benefits of Invisalign® include:

  • Invisalign® is unnoticeable by others
  • Brush and Floss normally
  • Eat any food
  • Enjoy sports without the dangers of metal braces
  • Play musical instruments without interference
The difference with Invisalign® is that this system is removable when desired.

When it is time to brush teeth or floss, simply remove the Invisalign® system from the mouth and brush normally. After flossing and using a mouth rinse, put the Invisalign® system back into the mouth.

The same goes for eating foods. Apples, popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches, potato chips, and other foods that those with metal braces have trouble eating are not a problem with the Invisalign® system. Simply remove Invisalign® when eating those kinds of foods and replace it when done. Gum chewing is also made possible by removing the Invisalign® system. Of course, the recommendation is sugar-free gum for good dental health.

Having metal braces when playing sports is problematic and dangerous. Serious cuts can occur to the inner lips if hit in the mouth, which are very painful. This is not a problem with Invisalign® because the system is removable before playing sports.

Playing a trumpet or wind instruments is very difficult and can be painful when wearing metal braces. Invisalign® allows the playing of wind instruments without interference by removing it while playing the instrument. No longer do musical efforts need to be put on hold while waiting for metal braces to come off.

With Invisalign®, life goes on normally while teeth are being straightened.

Invisalign® is comfortable. Most teens report that they almost forget they are wearing them. This is because the custom design fits over the teeth perfectly, putting gentle pressure to move the teeth to the correct positions over time. The benefits of having straight teeth in the correct position are more than just having the perfect smile. Chewing properly is easier and there is less potential damage when teeth are properly positioned.

Talk with your parents about Invisalign®. For more information, see Invisalign® Teen and the videos.