American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

The AACD is comprised of more than 6,600 cosmetic dentists worldwide. The academy continuously works to promote educational opportunities, support accreditation credentials and provide creative networking ideas. The exchange of information and the acknowledgement of innovative and comprehensive oral care powers excellence in aesthetic and dental health technology in the dentist office. As of March 10, 2014, only 16 prestigious cosmetic dentists hold the AACD accreditation, and only seven are from the state of Ohio. Dr. Ronald Beech of Great Lakes Dental Arts in Mentor, Ohio, is one of the few and proud recipients of the AACD accreditation award. What Does It Mean to Be AACD Accredited? Accreditation comes with 17 member benefits, which recipients get to enjoy for a lifetime. Benefits include freedom to advertise AACD accreditation status, use of AADC logo, an AACD member medallion, public recognition on stage, the right to participate in the Facilitators Program, possible AACD fellowship, the ability to become an AADC educator, eligibility to sit on the Accreditation committee, and the right to vote on certain AACD positions. These benefits are extended to all cosmetic dentist recipients of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry award. How Are Candidates Selected for AACD Accreditation? The AACD accreditation recipients go through an accreditation process before they are awarded with an AACD accreditation status. The first step is a written exam, which is taken at the Castle Testing Center. Candidates must attend both an Accreditation and Criteria workshop. The second step is the submission of clinical cases. Candidates are to submit 12 clinical reviews, in addition to completing the Accreditation Protocol for Lab technicians and dentists. The third step is an inclusive oral exam. Once the application for the oral examination is complete, an oral exam is taken at the executive office. Qualified candidates who have passed their tests will receive their award during the next annual AACD session. Please contact us today for a complimentary cosmetic consultation with AACD dentist Ron Beech.