Choosing the Right Toothpaste Can Be A Confusing Project

If you have ever walked down the aisle of the dental care section of your local store, you have a sense of the vast number of toothpaste options available. You are faced with a dazzling display of packaging, and an array of ingredients that can make the choice of the right toothpaste difficult. You can narrow down your choices by giving some consideration to what you want the product to do, as well as considering some of your individual dental needs. Whatever you choose, make sure the product carries an American Dental Association seal of approval.

Toothpaste Types

Most toothpastes contain fluoride, a compound that helps to prevent cavities. Dentists generally recommend toothpaste with fluoride, along with regular teeth cleaning and check-ups to preserve your smile for many years. However, you can also find some other ingredients in toothpaste to help with sensitivity, breath odor problems and other issues. Whitening toothpastes use a variety of chemical compounds to make teeth whiter. However, some of these compounds can be irritating to sensitive mouth tissues. If you have difficulties with these products, talk to your dentist about other options for whitening.

Changing Your Toothpaste For Changing Needs

Most people stick with the toothpaste that tastes pleasant and does a good job of cleaning their teeth for many years. However, you may find that, as the year's pass, you may require a different type of toothpaste. Your teeth may become stained from coffee or certain foods you eat regularly, and you may wish to change to a toothpaste with whitening capability. In some cases, the tissue of your mouth may become more sensitive, and you may consider a gentler, baking soda formula. Many people have teeth that have become sensitive to cold and heat. These individuals may wish to change to a sensitivity formula that provides some protection against discomfort. If you have questions about switching toothpastes, the staff at Great Lakes Dental can advise you on the right formula for your needs.

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