Commit To Better Oral Health During National Dental Hygiene Month

October has been designated National Dental Hygiene Month to educate the public on the importance of dental hygiene to their oral health and their general health. Healthy teeth help to maintain an attractive appearance, but they also ensure that you can get the nutrition you need for good health. National Dental Hygiene Month in October is a good opportunity to re-commit to good oral hygiene that can help you to not only protect your teeth throughout your life; it can help to support your general health.

Dental Hygiene Essentials

Dental experts recommend some steps to ensure good dental hygiene throughout your life. Brush your teeth twice each day and floss daily. Use a fluoride toothpaste and drink fluoridated water. Visit your dentist regularly and have your teeth cleaned twice each year. Some evidence indicates that the bacteria that grow on unscaled teeth can cause inflammation in blood vessels that can contribute to heart disease, so regular teeth cleaning can help ensure your general health. Avoid tobacco, and limit your alcohol consumption. Also, limit sugary foods and drinks that can contribute to tooth decay.

Visit Your Dentist During National Dental Hygiene Month in October

If it's been a while since you visited your dentist for a checkup or a cleaning, National Dental Hygiene month is an excellent opportunity to correct this critical part of your health maintenance. We won't scold you for omitting your dental visits. We'll just make sure your teeth are clean and well cared for, so you can be sure you are doing all you can to maintain your dental health.

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