Composite Fillings

Individuals who want their tooth fillings to appear natural and stand the test of time should strongly consider composite restorations. Composite restorations (or fillings) offer support for small- to mid-size fillings that need to withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing.They're the same color as normal teeth, and they can be applied to teeth in both the front and the rear of the mouth. Those who desire fillings that don't stand out to the eye like traditional darker amalgam and gold fillings will especially enjoy the blended appearance of composite fillings.


A composite restoration is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture that helps to restore decayed teeth, reshape disfigured teeth and alter the color of teeth. It is implemented in layers that are hardened by a special light. Once the layers are intact, the composite is molded to fit the tooth's unique shape and size. Composite fillings are always polished so that they appear clean and new for years into the future. They also act to prevent teeth from reacting to temperature changes and will actually connect to the tooth to prevent any disintegration or breakage.


When composite fillings are placed, the dentist takes great care to keep the tooth as dry and clean as possible. It's a bit more challenging than filling a tooth with a conventional amalgam or gold filling, but it is worth the extra bit of effort, money and time. Composite fillings have become so popular that they are being used more frequently than both amalgam and gold fillings. Aside from the enhanced support mentioned above, the primary advantage of composite fillings is aesthetics. Individuals who opt for composite fillings won't have any hesitancy to open their mouths wide and let the world see their natural-looking teeth. Compared to other fillings, composites are hardly noticeable.

While a composite filling creates the impression of an all-natural tooth, patients should know that preventative care is much better. Avoid sugary foods and those with acids, which can eat away at the enamel on your teeth and cause holes, known as cavities . Brush at least two times each day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride, floss at least once every day, and visit your dentist on a regular basis to avoid having to make the decision between composite, amalgam and gold fillings.


At Great Lakes Dental Arts, in Mentor, the standard of care for fillings has been composite restorations for over 20 years. After composite fillings are placed x-rays are taken to ensure there are no voids and that a proper seal has occurred. Call Great Lakes Dental Arts and schedule an appointment today for your composite fillings.