Does My Child Need to See an Orthodontist

Jaw misalignment and crooked teeth can have a negative impact on oral health. Children who have these problems can benefit from orthodontic treatment, which involves the use of orthodontics that can straighten teeth or correct a misaligned jaw.

When Do Children Need Orthodontics?

Children at Great Lakes Dental are closely monitored in all aspects of dentistry, including orthodontics, with all of their routine cleaning appointments. This allows us to see early signs of potential problems, such as crowded teeth, misaligned jaws or overbites. Those who end up needing orthodontic treatment generally begin wearing a corrective device around 11-12. This can all be dependent on the growth and development of the child. Some children undergo early treatment in order to lower the risk of having additional problems develop, although they still typically need to wear an orthodontic device when they are a little older.

What Types of Orthodontic Options are there?

Braces are the most common type of orthodontic device used to correct bite misalignment and crooked teeth. They work by applying pressure to the teeth and jaws in order to push them into the right position. These appliances are made from different materials, such as stainless steel, plastic or ceramic. Braces are less noticeable and more comfortable to wear than they were in the past. For children who only need minimal orthodontic treatment, clear, removable trays can sometimes be used instead of braces.

Retainers help hold teeth in their proper position after braces are no longer needed. This allows teeth to adjust to these new positions and prevents them from shifting out of place. Children can wear removable retainers or have fixed ones bonded to their teeth.

Get Your Child's Teeth Checked

Keep in mind that not all dentists are able to check for problems with jaw alignment and tooth position during routine exams. At Great Lakes Dental, we offer "advanced smile professional" care that includes checking for signs of these problems during regular checkups. That means your child can stay with his or her regular dentist rather than having to see a separate specialist. Having your child come in twice a year for exams can help us detect problems early and begin treatment to avoid more serious problems later on.

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