Does Your Smile Affect Your Success at Work?

If the type of work you do involves face-to-face interactions, your smile is one of the first things people see. While it would be nice to believe that appearances don't have anything to do with your career, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between having a nice smile and a successful career. Unfortunately, these stats demonstrate that a smile with teeth that are cracked, stained, missing and/or crooked is memorable, and not in a good way.

Does the Quality of Your Smile Really Matter?

On behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Anne Beall conducted an independent study to determine how a smile impacted a person's perceived attractiveness, intelligence, success, popularity, happiness, interest, kindness, wealth and friendliness. The study included the before and after photos of four people who had cosmetic dentistry surgery. The photos were shown to a group of people who were asked to rate the individual's character before and after their procedures. Here's what happened when the participants say pictures of the post-surgery smiles:

  • Attractiveness rating increased by 1.3
  • Intelligent rating increased by 0.6
  • Happiness rating increased by 0.4
  • Successful in career rating increased by 0.9
  • Friendliness rating increased by 0.5
  • Interesting rating increased by 0.7
  • Kindness rating increased by 0.4
  • Wealthiness rating increased by 1
  • Popularity with opposite sex rating increased by 1.2
  • Sensitivity rating increased by 0.5

Does a Great Smile Build Trust?

Whether you are a medical professional, a plumber or a salesperson, building and earning trust is a critical component of any career. One of the best ways to be successful in your work is with your smile. According to a study conducted by Kelton Global, about 73 percent of Americans confirm that they are more apt to trust someone with a nice smile over someone who wears designer clothes, drives a nice car or has a good job.

Can a Great Smile Earn You More Money?

Possibly! According to the survey conducted on behalf of the AACD, about 99.7 percent of all Americans believe that a smile is an important social asset and 74 percent of adults feel that an unattractive smile may hurt an individual's chance for a success. Research conducted by the University of California shows that those who are more attractive earn about 12 percent more per year than those who are considered less attractive.

Confidence is something that most people strive to have and it goes a long way in being remembered, but having a great smile also seems to help make you more memorable. In fact, a study by Kelton Global has shown that about 48 percent of all American adults say that someone's teeth are the first thing they notice when they meet someone for the first time. The fact of the matter is, regardless of how confident you are, your confidence will significantly increase if you have a great smile.

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