E4D Dentistry

E4D dentist technology is one of the latest breakthroughs that can be offered to dental patients. Atour dental office in Mentor, Ohio, we are proud to offer this system. Our dentists have the ability to offer same-day veneers, crowns, inlay/onlays, and more to provide convenience and improve the overall restoration process.


The E4D Dentist is a unique system that is intuitive and provides a higher level of function to benefit patients. This is an ergonomic design and helps with the chairside operation. It shows patients what they need to know about the anatomy of their mouth and allows our dentists to provide the beautiful restorations.

With modern dentistry, providing same-day veneers and other services are now possible. This allows patients to come in for cosmetic dentistry and walk out the same day with an improved appearance. This can be a huge boost in self-confidence and save patients time, which is something we believe in.

Ultimately, the E4D system allows us to offer more to our patients. It helps us to explain the processes and by dialing into modern technology, it helps us to be more efficient and productive at the same time.


Not all dentists offer E4D dentist technology, as it is still relatively new on the market. We are excited to be able to offer it and recommend people ask for it specifically when making an appointment.

The technology also has no impact on insurance. It is simply a tool that we use when providing services, so it has no bearing on whether insurance will deny a claim or not. If dental insurance covers the procedure, then it won't matter whether the E4D system is in place as well. We look forward to introducing the technology to more of our patients, which will allow them to get the procedures and processes that are needed while learning more about what is going on in their mouth and not having to wait for the crown, veneer, or anything else that would otherwise be made in a lab.

Give our office a call today and see the benefits of what E4D technology can do for you.