Exude Confidence with Beautiful Teeth

In the old days, wearing braces meant painful installation of ugly bands that changed every family photograph, and not for the better. Invisalign is the innovative solution to moving teeth into perfect alignment without the discomfort and awkwardness of traditional braces. Teeth play an important role in health as you age. Taking care of the ones you have is important. Instead of cringing, you will smile with confidence.

Talk with a Cosmetic Dentist

Our office has appointments with experienced dentists Ronald Beech, Alaina Perry, and Emily Zeisler, who want to offer you a new smile. Every patient learns the way in which Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontics. Our dentist office in Mentor is easy to reach so your appointments will be convenient throughout your treatment. Consultations regarding Invisalign are available to answer your questions complimentary and start you on the road to better dental health with beautiful teeth.

Participate in a Customized Treatment Plan

An examination is conducted to take x-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth as they are today. This information is sent to Invisalign where a specialist maps out an individual treatment plan that includes equipment to realign your teeth over time. After two to three weeks, each person will receive a unique 3D customized movie of what your teeth will look like from start to finish and the approximate treatment plan time frame.

Receive the Elements of Your Treatment Plan

Your next appointment will be when your aligners arrive at the office and the first one is fitted. Wearing the apparatus will not cause irritation inside your mouth in the ways that old-fashioned braces did. You will wear the aligners at all times unless you are eating or brushing your teeth. Compliance with the treatment plan will bring about noticeable progress.

Wear a New Aligner Every Two Weeks

Each aligner is designed to be worn for 20 to 22 hours every day for two full weeks. A new aligner will feel different since the teeth must move to fit within the new mold. At each appointment, scheduled at six-week intervals, the dentist will be able to tell if you are wearing your aligners long enough and if your teeth are moving as planned. You will notice movement in your teeth between appointments. Progress is the only encouragement required for most patients.

Achieve Great Results

At the end of the treatment plan, your teeth will look beautiful. People will comment about the change they see in your confident smile. Why wait? Your beautiful smile is waiting! Call us today!