Have you ever looked in the mirror or have been talking to someone and noticed a "gummy" smile? Does the height of your gum look crooked or uneven? At Great Lakes Dental Arts, our crafted cosmetic dentists use a procedure called Gingivectomy that can help. WHAT IS GINGIVECTOMY? Gingivectomy, also known as crown lengthening, is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the reshaping and recontouring of the gum tissue around teeth. Often times this procedure can be seen necessary when a patient has an overgrowth of gum tissue and is looking for a more pleasing smile. GINGIVECTOMY PROCEDURE By simply using local anesthetic along with the use of special instruments or a laser, our dentists are able to remove the excess gum tissue within minutes. The cosmetic dentist will remove some of the excess gum tissue and recontour the gums appropriately based on the needs and desires of the patient. Once finished, the procedure is designed to give the patient a more natural and symmetrical looking smile by exposing more of the patient's teeth. HOW WE CAN HELP Great Lakes Dental Arts recommends this procedure for those who have a gummy smile or to those patients who just got their braces off. Gingivectomy is a great procedure to give you the smile of your dreams!