Give Your Smile a Spooky Look for Halloween

When it comes time for ghosts and goblins to roam the streets, many of us aren't content to throw on a store-bought costume and head out to the party. Truly great Halloween costumes are all about the details. The perfect wig, the ideal bag or the perfect shade of nail polish can turn an average disguise into the perfect incarnation of a particular character. But none impact your appearance more than temporary dental accessories.

Hillbilly Teeth

Hillbilly teeth are the perfect way to temporarily transform your perfect alignment. These flexible, plastic coverings clip onto your existing teeth without damaging your alignment or enamel. Available online and in Halloween retailers, fake crooked teeth can give your costume that "I haven't brushed a day in my life" look.

If you already have crooked, off-set or unattractive teeth, our office offers comprehensive oral health as well as orthodontic services to take your smile from "Billy Bob" to "Wow, Billy"

Vampire Fangs

If you are channeling your inner Count this year, there are several special effects teeth on the market that are designed to give your Dracula costume a ghoulish appearance. What sets these teeth apart is that they often come with thermal fit customizing material that allows you to fit them to your existing teeth and wear them comfortably. Once customized, it is easy to slip an amazing variety of fangs comfortably onto your teeth.

Rotten and Missing Teeth

Let's not forget the simplest way to cap off your Halloween costume — makeup. You can find hundreds of tutorials on the web on that will show you how to black out your teeth using eyeliner or create a rotten teeth look. Not only is this option temporary, it gives you the chance to play around with different looks, effects and colors to achieve the right look and feel. Then, when you are finished, you simply brush it away!

Of course, this time of year is the time to indulge in candy, sugary drinks, and pumpkin-spice baked goods. Be sure to help your children care for their teeth by brushing and flossing regularly, especially after sugary treats, but don't forget to care for your smile as well. Contact our office today to schedule your oral health evaluation.