Great Lakes Dental and Team Smile

Giving back to the community is an essential part of our practice here at Great Lakes Dental. Each year we participate in multiple events to raise money or awareness for serious issues, but it's the Team Smiles volunteer dental event that is perhaps nearest and dearest to our hearts!

What is the Team Smile Event?

Our community is full of children who can't get the dental care they need because their families simply can't afford it. But encouraging them with positive and fun dental experiences now is the only way to encourage them to make dental care a priority when they become adults. To this end, Team Smiles organizes free dental care events in which kids get to see experienced dentists and hygienists to receive check-ups, cleanings and other essential routine treatments. And the best part? It's held at Progressive Field!

What Are the Benefits of These Events?

Of course, seeing the dentist for the first time can be quite scary. On top of offering the best and most welcoming care, the Team Smile group also brings in famous athletes to distract the kids from the less pleasant parts of dental cleaning and inspections. By pairing the thrill of meeting a sports hero with the fun of going to see the dentist, the organization helps encourage kids to stick with their dental health habits instead of letting them fall by the wayside as they get older.

Other fun activities like face painting round out the day to ensure everyone goes home with positive and lasting memories of their latest dental experience. The fun environment is paired with serious and quality dental work to ensure children have a healthy mouth and the information they need to keep it that way.

Team Smiles is an organization dedicated to bringing together child support groups, professional sports teams and dental professionals to enrich the lives of children who fall below the poverty line. They're based in Kansas City, but they travel across the Midwest to hold events anywhere that they can find a business to volunteer space for an event. If you're interested in helping out, you can contact Team Smiles to make a donation, volunteer your time at an upcoming event, or even offer the organization space for holding a local event.

Call us today to make an appointment for your child to see the dentist or to find out more about our local Team Smile event!