Great Lakes Dental Offers Botox for a Great Appearance

The dental professionals at Great Lakes Dental understand that helping you look your best is not just a matter of creating an attractive smile. A good appearance also involves smooth facial skin and an air of confidence. This is why Great Lakes Dental also provides Botox injections to ensure that their patients are able to put their best face forward. Your dentist understands the intricate architecture of the bones and muscles of the face. The dentist is also skilled in using needles to numb certain areas. This knowledge makes it easy to understand why your dentist can also provide Botox to ensure that their patients can project a confident, attractive appearance wherever they go.


Botox is a compound made from clostridium botulinum. In small amounts, it is used to reduce the look of wrinkles, as well as for other medical purposes. It works by paralyzing certain muscles and blocking specific nerves. Botox is commonly used to reduce the lines around the eyes and on the forehead caused by contraction of facial muscles that occurs during normal activity. Botox can decrease the depth of frown lines, crows feet, and lines across the forehead. It can also be used to lift the eyes, producing a "mini brow lift." The numbing of the muscles of the face caused by the compound produces a smoother, younger appearance that lasts for 3 to 6 months.


The procedure is simple and generally painless. The patient sits comfortably in a chair while the dentist uses a numbing agent to reduce discomfort. The Botox is injected into the skin at specific points on the face to reduce the contracting of facial muscles. The patient generally experiences no side effects and can go about their normal activities immediately. Some slight bruising may occur at the site of injection, but this fades quickly.


The dentists and trained staff at Great Lakes Dental offer a variety of services to help their patients in Mentor, OH and surrounding areas look their best. With the highest quality techniques and equipment, Great Lake Dental can provide a dazzling smile, as well as care for your overall appearance. Contact Great Lakes Dental today at 440-255-3111 for an appointment to discuss how Botox procedures can help you look your best. Although change is inevitable, the one thing we can promise that will not change is our team's overall passion for dentistry. We truly take pride and enjoy helping our patients achieve the smile they want as well as the overall education on oral health.