History of Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes have improved tremendously since their invention during 3000 BC. During this time, the toothbrush was referred to as a chewing stick. Between 3500-3000 BC, people of this time frayed the ends of sticks and twigs as toothbrushes. During 1600 BC, the Chinese developed their version of the chewing stick which was used to freshen breath.

The first modern-designed toothbrush was created by William Addis in 1938. William used cattle bone for the handle and swine bristles for the brush part of the toothbrush. Until the discovery of nylon around 1938, only natural bristles were used. In 1950, the bristles of the toothbrush were improved by using softer nylon which many people preferred. In 1939, technology improved the toothbrush and the electric toothbrush was born. However, it wasn't until 1960 when people in the United States got their hands on the first electric toothbrush, the Broxodent. In the past, there was not a variety of toothbrushes available. Today, there are many different choices offered for the improvement of oral health.


Conventional : these toothbrushes feature a classic design that is effective in cleaning the surface of teeth. Diamond shape : these toothbrushes have a head that is more narrow than conventional ones. Diamond shape toothbrushes are designed to thoroughly clean posterior (or back) teeth.


Block: These bristles are uniform, as they are the same height and width. V-shape: These bristles form a "v" shape, also known as wavy pattern. These bristles can thoroughly clean between the teeth. Multilevel Trim: These bristles enable individuals to clean areas of the mouth and teeth that are difficult to reach. Criss-Cross: These bristles effectively and thoroughly remove plaque. Polishing Cup: These bristles remove surface stains effectively.

The teeth should be cleaned twice daily to ensure adequate oral health. Failure to do so could result in cavities, decayed teeth and infection. For more information regarding different types of toothbrushes and bristles, proper brushing techniques, contact us today! This is a dentist office that serves Ohio and surrounding areas.