Keep Oral Health in Mind With These Halloween Candy Tips

Children can collect enough candy during Halloween to last them for a whole year. While this probably sounds great to a child, you may be concerned as a parent, that eating so much candy may harm your child's — and yours —oral health. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure that you and your child can enjoy the Halloween treats responsibly without compromising your oral health or having to take an emergency trip to the dentist.

Eat Candy Close to Mealtimes

To lessen the effects of the acids that are created by the bacteria in your mouth when eating sugary treats like candy, enjoy the treats during or immediately after your eat. The saliva that your mouth naturally produces increases during mealtimes and can help not only wash away food bits, but also neutralize the acids in your mouth.

Drink Water to Neutralize Acid

Drinking fluoridated water can also prevent the conditions that cause tooth decay by reducing or eliminating the acidity in your mouth after eating candy. Tap water contains enough fluoride to be effective, but you can also find bottled water that has been fluoridated.

Skip Over the Sticky Stuff

The worst type of candy for you and your child to consume are sticky candies that can remain on the teeth and is difficult for your saliva to rinse away or for you to brush away. These candies may include gummy bears, taffy, caramels, bubble gum or jelly beans.

Avoid Using the Candy as Snacks

Snacking excessively on sugary foods like candy throughout the day can increase the risk of obtaining cavities. It is also not good for your overall health. Limit how many pieces of candy you and your child consume each day, and if possible, brush and floss your teeth after you have eaten a candy.

At Great Lakes Dental Cosmetic Dentistry, we hope you and your child have safe and fun Halloween. If you believe that the effects of consuming sugary treats have affected the appearance of your smile, we can help you. Contact us to see how our services can restore your smile.