Maintain a Beautiful Smile With Basic Dental Care

Maintaining that perfect smile isn't difficult, but it does require dedication. Basic dental care prevents tooth decay and protects the gums around the teeth as well. Without appropriate dental care, this can lead to gum disease or teeth can fall under disrepair, develop cavities and look unattractive. With some basic dental care, it is possible to prevent any of these situations from taking place and protect a brilliant smile forever.

At Home

When at home, there are some basic dental care methods everyone should know. Granted, most people understand the importance of brushing at least two times a day (although there is nothing wrong with brushing after every meal). Many people do not brush in the correct way. It is important to brush in circular motions and not up and down. This helps both polish and break away plaque easier. Using an electric toothbrush can help with this as the spinning motion of the brush often exceeds what wrist motion can produce. It is also important to not push hard when brushing. This can actually cause the gums to bleed. Instead, gently holding the brush against the teeth is all that is needed. When polishing a car, a detailer would not push down hard on the hood. It just needs a gentle application. Flossing at least once a day if not twice a day is just as important as brushing because the toothbrush simply is not able to reach every location inside of the mouth, especially between teeth. Mouthwash can aid this process, and there are even mouthwashes that help whiten teeth and strengthen gums.

At the Dentist

Visiting a dentist's office is essential and should be done at least twice a year. The dentist can clean the teeth far better than what is available for home use. The dentist can also spot potential issues with the teeth and gums. At the dentist's office, spotting cavities can prevent the spread of tooth degeneration and protect the gums as well. In certain cases, seeing the dentist more than twice a year is necessary, but the dentist can help with this and point anyone toward a healthier smile. Give us a call to schedule your next dental appointment.