Mid-Year Use of Dental Insurance

The quality of your teeth is on display every time you smile.

When meeting someone new at every personal or business gathering, it speaks worlds about your overall health and well-being. Dental insurance usually doesn't roll over from year to year, so you don't want to lose benefits you could have taken advantage of. Once they're gone, that's it for the year. Here's how to use those benefits to keep your mouth (and pocket) healthy.


As we get closer to the middle of the year, it's time to be aware of you and your family's dental coverage. Plan ahead and schedule needed work now to be sure you get the appointments you need before time runs out. Have you had your dental cleaning done yet? Most insurance provides coverage for two dental cleanings per year. Do take advantage of that and book your semi-annual cleaning as a basic start.

Preventative care is key; it's often cheaper, less invasive and easier than fixing problems that have been allowed to develop. Who wouldn't want that?

Other services that you may have been putting off may include: getting a crown, veneer, or implants. Have any teeth recently been chipped or damaged? Are you noticing marked discoloration of your teeth?

We offer procedures that can bring your smile back to pristine condition like veneers or bonding to restore your smile! The sooner the procedure is done, the better, in order to lessen damage to teeth. Implants, bridges or dentures are also something to consider—they can have a great impact on your quality of life beyond appearance. Your speech and ability to chew properly can be impacted by dental issues that can be resolved. Check to see what your insurance coverage provides and utilize those benefits now before they expire.


If you have a family, has everyone had the proper, preventative care this year? Are there elders who need to be fitted for dentures or who have health issues that need regular follow-up? And are there teenagers who may need orthodontics?

Since we offer such an array of cosmetic dentistry services, it's worth making an appointment or calling us now. Use our easy contact form or call (440) 255-3111.