Sealant vs. PRR

Is you or someone you know very cavity prone? Does a trip to the dentist likely mean having new cavities? Sealants and preventative resin restorations (PRR) are a preventative procedure that can be done to protect the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Both sealants and PRR's are placed on natural teeth that have never had fillings. These are both very conservative and do not require the patient to be numb. This prevents decay on what is called the "occlusal" surface of back teeth.



Sealants are placed on a natural, healthy tooth that has no staining. They are placed often times on children as soon as the tooth first erupts into the mouth. However, adults can benefit just as much as children. A thin plastic coating is applied in the grooves. At Great Lakes Dental Arts we guarantee our sealants to last three years. However, like tires on a car, over the years replacements can be needed.


PRR's cost slightly more than sealants. That is because there is an extra step that is done to the tooth surface and filling material is used in the grooves. If a tooth has some staining, but no active decay in the grooves, you are a candidate for a PRR. An instrument called air abrasion is used to prepare the tooth. This is a mixture of aluminum oxide and water that can remove staining but minimal tooth structure. This service is recommended on adults and children.


Sealants and PRR's will prevent bacteria from infiltrating the grooves and depressions . They are ideal for individuals who want to proactively protect their teeth from future damage. Any dentist knows that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure . These can prevent costly fillings from being needed. Patients still need to use dental floss, as sealants and PRR's do not protect inbetween the teeth. Talk to your hygienist and dentist today to see if you can benefit from these services! Call our Mentor dentist office today!