New SprintRay 3D Printer Makes Custom Nightguards

We are excited to announce the arrival of a new 3D printer at Great Lakes Dental: the SprintRay. This innovative piece of technology is specifically designed to make custom nightguards for people, offering a comfortable and personalized fit. With the SprintRay, we now have the capability to quickly create nightguards that are tailored to each person's individual needs. We believe that this new 3D printer will be a great addition to our office and will enable us to better serve our patients.


The Emergence of Dental 3D Printers

The latest advancement in 3D printer technology is the emergence of desktop 3D printers that are biocompatible and FDA-compliant, allowing them to be safely used in intraoral applications. While most 3D printers provide high theoretical accuracy, dental 3D printers also offer repeatability over time for reliable results. Additionally, when cases require the rapid fabrication of a large number of parts, the focus is on reducing print speeds, ensuring the 3D printer can keep up with demand.


Introducing SprintRay

The SprintRay 3D printer is an advanced dental 3D printer that enables dentists and orthodontists to quickly and easily create custom nightguards for their patients. It is capable of printing high-quality, precise nightguards in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. The 3D printer utilizes a proprietary method of layering liquid photopolymer resin and uses a process called Digital Light Processing (DLP) to harden the material layer by layer. This technology is incredibly precise and produces incredibly detailed pieces, including complex structures like nightguards with minimal effort. The printer also comes with a software suite that allows us to design and manipulate our digital models before printing them out for our patients.


The Benefits

Using a 3Dprinter to create nightguards in our dental office offers a wide range of benefits that would not be possible with traditional manufacturing methods. With a 3D printer, dentists have the ability to quickly and easily customize a nightguard for each individual patient, ensuring that the guard fits perfectly and is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, 3D printers enable dentists to create nightguards on-site, eliminating the need for costly offsite production and providing an immediate solution for their patients. The cost of 3D printing is also significantly lower than traditional manufacturing methods, saving dentists time and money. When considering the big picture, this 3D printers offers our dental office a cost-effective and efficient way to provide custom nightguards for our patients. Cutting-edge digital dentistry is the future, and we are proud to embark on this journey with SprintRay.


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