Summer is a Great Time to Begin Child's Orthodontic Treatment

Now that school's out and the days have warmed, many kids and parents are looking forward to making the most out of their summer vacation. That often means long days spent outdoors, trips with the family, summer camps and sleeping in. The team at Great Lakes Dental believes that summer vacation is a great time to get your child started on his or her orthodontic care. We hope that this information will help you get started on the road to a happy and healthy smile.

Summer Offers Plenty of Time to Adjust

Getting braces changes the interior of the mouth significantly, and it takes some time to get used to those changes. By getting braces during summer break, kids have plenty of time to adjust to how braces impact their speech and eating habits. They can also adapt to these changes in a more private setting, as opposed to returning to school the day after getting a mouth full of brackets and wires. That means that by the time they go back to school, they will wear their braces confidently, which can make the experience far more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Kids Can Learn Which Foods to Avoid

It is no secret that having braces creates a need to choose carefully when it comes to meals and snacks. Hard foods and foods that are excessively sticky or stringy can cause problems for people with braces. By getting braces put on during summer vacation, kids and parents have time to adjust eating habits. This can make it easier for kids to know what choices to make in the school cafeteria and can cut down on damaged or broken dental hardware, which often requires another trip to the dentist.

Summer Treats are Perfectly Soothing

In the days following getting new braces, kids can experience mouth soreness. Fortunately, chilly summer treats are perfect for soothing that discomfort, and there are healthy options that are both enjoyable and beneficial to overall health and wellness. Chilled yogurt, ice pops made from real fruit and smoothies are all great ways to minimize discomfort from new braces and are also great ways to cool off in the summer heat.

At Great Lakes Dental, we are proud to provide full orthodontic care and treatment to many of our patients, both young and old. We hope that you enjoy your summer vacation, and if braces are in your future, we invite you to come in and discuss the timing and overall process.