The Cold Weather Can Affect More Than Your Fingers and Toes

Cold temperatures can make your fingers and toes feel chilly, but those aren't the only parts of your body that respond to this weather. Your teeth can also be sensitive to the cold and even cause considerable tooth pain and discomfort. Learn more about teeth sensitivity caused by cold weather.

Effects of Coldness on Teeth

When your teeth are exposed to cold air, you might experience pain or sensitivity that ranges from mild to severe. Although your teeth are hard, they aren't quite solid enough to keep the cold out. The surfaces of your teeth are porous, which can make them vulnerable to the effects of cold air, as well as ice cream and other sources of coldness. When you breathe colder air in, your teeth contract and allow this coldness to reach sensitive parts of your gum line. This is what makes your teeth feel painful when they are exposed to cold temperatures. Keep in mind that your teeth will expand again when you close your mouth. This expansion and contraction can end up causing tiny cracks in your teeth eventually, which can increase tooth sensitivity and raise the risk of tooth damage.

Tips on Coping with Coldness

When you have to go outside in the cold air, there are a few ways to help you deal better with sensitive teeth. You might find that you resort to jaw clenching in order to cope with the effects of coldness. This is usually to try and minimize pain or discomfort. However, it can result in damage to your teeth and jaws due to erosion, which can also cause pain. Instead of clenching your jaw to protect your teeth, you should try to breathe through your nose when you're outdoors. This helps reduce your teeth's exposure to cold air. If you continue having discomfort from cold air, especially if it lasts longer than a few days, it's important to have your teeth checked. You could have tooth damage or exposed roots that make your teeth even more sensitive to the cold than normal. Going for regular dental checkups can ensure that these problems are detected and treated in order to relieve tooth sensitivity.

If you have teeth sensitivity, please contact Great Lakes Dental to set up an appointment at our dentist office. We can help you find relief for this and keep your teeth in great condition.