The Importance of Dental Technology

Dental technology is essential for oral health reasons.

With the many advances in dental technology, oral health problems can be caught early and addressed quicker. The solutions for oral health are more promising than they have ever been. Dentist and patients benefit from the advances in dental technology.

Dentists benefit from dental technology because they can correct oral health problems in half of the time than they were able to before. Patients benefit from dental technology because they can have procedures performed in a timely manner, the procedures are less painful and more treatment options are available. Here are a few advances in dental technology that are used on a regular basis.


The E4d Dentist is one of the top technology methods our practice uses. Not only does it create the things we need, such as veneers and crowns, but it allows us to do create what we need in a timely manner. We don't like to keep our patients waiting, and the E4D Dentist helps us get the job done quickly and effectively.


This camera is state-of-the-art technology that allows our staff to take photos of our patient's teeth and gums. We include our patients in the process by showing them their problem areas. With the intraoral camera, patients can view their oral concerns clearly with the 20x magnification feature the camera possesses to view the most minute details.


The traditional x-ray has improved. With Kodak digital radiography, we can instantly create x-rays which gives us the information we need to determine treatment and procedure options. Radiation is a common concern with traditional x-ray methods but with Kodak digital radiography, there is 50 percent less radiation. The lowest dose of radiation is used for our x-rays.


We perform many different dental procedures on a daily basis, including dental implants and Invisalign instances. The Picasso soft tissue laser allows us to perform many different non-invasive procedures with precision and perfection. Discomfort is a fear and concern many of our patients have. This high-energy laser allows us to perform periodontal care with the least bit of discomfort to our patients.


Some of our patients require advanced care. The Velscope VX allows our team to discover oral abnormalities. These abnormalities include lesions that are cancerous and non-cancerous. Every 60 minutes, a person dies from oral cancer Identifying these abnormalities in their early stages can help prevent this cancer, and we can begin the proper treatment to care for the situation.

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