The Key To a Healthy Smile

A beautiful smile can give anyone confidence.

It can help children, teenagers and even adults feel great about themselves and their appearance. Beyond that, a beautiful smile is a healthy smile. Overcrowded teeth, gum disease, grinding and large spaces between teeth can all create severe dental issues. A great smile is important to everyone and orthodontics for all ages allows many people to have the smile they have dreamed of.


Having straight teeth is not only important to the look of a smile but also to one's overall health. This is why orthodontics is extremely important in the world of dentistry. Braces and guards are only the start of the services that a dental professional can offer to people of all ages.


Like any form of cosmetic dentistry, there are specific services that a dentist can offer. Some of the most helpful services include:

Metal and Ceramic Braces: Clear ceramic brackets and classic metal braces are often given to teenagers and children who have severe spacing issues with their teeth. Both can fix a variety of spacing issues, from teeth that are overcrowded to those that are simply too far apart. These issues can cause bigger issues such as gum sensitivity and mouth pain; getting braces reduces the possibility of these issues.

Invisalign: This is the clear alternative to braces. It helps with all the same issues without being seen. Invisalign can be taken in and out for special occasions and gives children the ability to eat without any restrictions. Invisalign can also be made to fit any mouth specifically, providing comfort while it is being worn.

The key to a healthy and gorgeous smile is a mix between proper care and quality dental work. Interested in both affordable and professional orthodontic care? Great Lakes Dental Arts has you covered. Contact us for an appointment today!