Tooth Wisdom or Wisdom Teeth?

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and last group of molars and are the final four teeth that will emerge. They can begin forming as early as the age of 10. A dentist can use a panoramic x-ray of the mouth to verify the presence of wisdom teeth and whether they are erupting in proper alignment. They will fully emerge on both sides of the lower and upper jaw, typically during the late teenage or early adult years.

Why Would You Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

As a preventative measure, your dentist may recommend the removal of one or more wisdom teeth if they do not emerge properly and are likely to contribute to dental problems. The teeth do not have to be fully erupted to present a risk to your oral health. If your wisdom teeth are misaligned in any way or are completely or partially impacted in the jawbone or soft tissue, they are capable of acquiring abscesses and cavities. The teeth can also be a factor in the presence of gum disease in the surrounding area and can cause significant damage to any nearby teeth, nerves or jawbone.

What Happens During a Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is a general service that can be completed in a dentist office. Whether or not you will be fully sedated may depend on the position of the wisdom teeth, if they are fully or partially emerged, and your personal preference. Our Doctors routinely remove wisdom teeth within our office using local anesthesia. During a typical wisdom tooth extraction, localized anesthesia will be administered so that you will remain awake, but the area around the affected tooth will be numb. For wisdom teeth that are impacted and have become embedded in bone, we may refer you to see the Oral Surgeon. You may experience swelling, bruising and tenderness in your face and neck after the procedure. Any pain you feel can be alleviated with cold packs and prescription pain medication.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort, give us a call at Great Lakes Dental. We offer a wide range of services that can improve your oral health and enhance your smile.