Understanding the Importance of Baby Teeth

Great Lakes Dental offers many dental procedures and knowledge necessary for the care of children's teeth. Many people do not realize exactly how important baby teeth are to the beginning steps of the baby's development and overall oral hygiene. Even though the baby teeth eventually fall out, it is still important to take care of the gums and teeth as they grow in. Children start teething at an early age. This can be an irritating time for most children with itchy and uncomfortable gums. Until that teething stage, patiently wipe your child's gums with a clean soft cloth to clean off the potential bacteria that comes from eating and drinking. Teeth really begin to develop fully by age two but once a tooth shows, contact your children's dentist to make an appointment for your child's first dental visit. Your child's dentist will help educate you on how to take care of the baby teeth as they come in. This is important for the overall care of the teeth. It is possible for children in the early years to suffer from gum disease if proper care is not given to the teeth. Teeth help children chew and speak, and support the jaw for primary teeth. Baby teeth, also called deciduous teeth, fall out in a few years. However, in the course of those years, gums are preparing for adult teeth, and if baby teeth are crowding and shifting, or if they show weakness, there may be problems with adult tooth growth. By the age of six, permanent teeth start to show but a child still needs help with brushing. Great Lakes Dental Arts is able to assist the proper growth of young teeth by placing sealants to prevent cavities and by using detecting radiographs to find early problems. Growing up is difficult and a poor smile is an unnecessary addition to the difficulties of youth. Here at Great Lakes Dental Arts, we have the services and knowledge needed to ensure that your child will love his or her smile. Trust in our quality care and call us today for further information!