Velscope RX

Today's dentists use a variety of high-tech tools to reshape teeth, reduce oral pain and identify potential problems. One of the most effective tools is an imaging modality known as the Velscope RX. This is "a handheld scope that is used by dentists and hygienists to help detect oral tissue abnormalities, including cancer and pre-cancer." Dentists can use the device during standard oral hygiene exams in hardly any time at all. It's absolutely worth the couple of minutes that it takes to operate. The Velscope RX can detect tissue oddities and oral cancer in its earliest stages. Early detection is critical to beating cancer. When detected early, the five-year survival rate for oral cancer patients is about 83 percent. Yet the five-year survival rate falls to between 33 and 50 percent when cancer is identified in the later stages of development. You should be aware of these statistics and realize that it might only take a few extra minutes in a dentist's chair to save your life. The Velscope RX works by shining a powerful light onto the tongue, gums, lips and areas of the mouth. Normal tissues appear in certain patterns when the Velscope light is emitted, and abnormal tissues that are potential trouble spots appear quite differently. The Velscope RX empowers dentists and hygienists to pinpoint problem areas that might be cancerous. The vast majority of these trouble spots couldn't otherwise be seen with merely the naked eye. Individuals who smoke, drink heavily, have a family history of cancer or have a weakened immune system should be first in line to request that their dentists make use of the Velscope RX. These individuals are especially susceptible to oral cancer, and early detection with the use of this groundbreaking technology has the potential to save their lives. Members of these risk groups should be aware that somebody in North America dies of cancer every hour. It is also important to consider that oral problems are often early symptoms of other potential health issues, including cancer in other areas of the body . After an experienced dentist uses the Velscope to inspect the mouth, tongue, lips and upper throat for abnormalities, patients have a refreshing peace of mind. It's quite empowering to know that you've performed your due diligence and are aware that you have identified potential problem spots or that you have a clean bill of oral health. Call our Mentor dentist office today and request Velscope RX.