With Wedding Season Just Around The Corner, Consider Tooth Whitening

As the weather warms up, many couples are preparing to head down the aisle and take their vows. Wedding season is soon to arrive, which means many people will soon be featured in a wide range of wedding photos, both traditional and informal. As you consider your wedding invitations and preparations, the Great Lakes Dental team would like to suggest a tooth whitening service. Having your brightest possible smile will help you look and feel your best!

The Difference Between At-Home and Professional Tooth Whitening

There is a multitude of over the counter products marketed as tooth whiteners. Rinses, toothpaste, strips and one-size-fits-all trays are all available at virtually any drugstore and promise to deliver a bright smile with a lower cost. In reality, however, these products simply cannot compete with the whitening power of dental office whitening product. To begin, the at home whitening gels and equipment used in the office to professionally whiten teeth are far more powerful than what is available at the drugstore. At-home products can be helpful in making a professional whitening last longer between dental visits, but cannot deliver the same impact as the tools used by the pros.

Professional at home whitening gel

At Great Lakes Dental we can create custom fitting whitening trays that will deliver fantastic results with your use at home. These types of trays are made at our office using our state of the art technology and take just one business day to make. This put you in control of your whitening at home. And delivers great results, just as great as the Zoom whitening.

What is Zoom In-Office Whitening?

One of the most popular teeth whitening options currently available is the Zoom system. This patented system makes use of an effective yet gentle whitening gel that is activated by a focused beam of light. The process is quick, and patients can walk away from one session with a whitening boost of up to eight shades. The Zoom system is effective at removing stains, and can greatly increase the vibrancy of your smile. There's a reason why we offer the Zoom In-House Whitening System at Great Lakes Dental, and it is among our most sought-after services.

Is it Possible to Maintain White Teeth Throughout Wedding Season?

Patients can extend the impact of their tooth whitening by taking certain measures to avoid staining their smile. This includes avoiding dark-colored beverages, such as coffee, red wine and tea. If those drinks are consumed, it can be helpful to rinse your mouth afterward or give teeth a light brushing. In addition, using a good whitening toothpaste can also help extend the results of an in-office whitening session.