Cold Weather and Your Teeth

Cold Weather and Your Teeth

When cold weather hits, you might find that your teeth are more sensitive than usual. Cold air might make your teeth ache at times, which is easy to mistake for a toothache. Before you worry about whether or not these aches mean tooth decay, keep in mind that your sinuses could be the actual culprit. Learn more about the connection between sinuses and tooth sensitivity

Your Sinuses and Oral Health

Having sharp pains in your teeth when you breathe in cold air might have you thinking that you have a cavity or other dental problem. However, your sinuses might be the reason for this pain. Your sinuses share neural pathways with your upper teeth in the back of your mouth. When you have sinus problems, such as inflammation, this can cause these nerves to become more sensitive than usual. Since these nerves are connected to your teeth, you experience discomfort. This is more likely to occur when it’s cold out since colds, and other viruses that affect your sinuses are common during the winter months. 

What to Do About Tooth Sensitivity in Cold Weather

If you’ve been having increased sensitivity in your back, upper teeth this winter, it’s important to watch for other signs of sinus problems. You might have a stuffy nose, a runny nose or pain and pressure in your sinus cavities. If you’re having symptoms of sinus inflammation or infections, you should see your regular doctor for treatment. However, if you’re not having symptoms of sinus problems and tooth sensitivity doesn’t go away, you should seek dental care. This sensitivity might be related to other causes, such as temporomandibular joint disorder, tooth decay or other kinds of oral health problems. Seeing a dentist helps ensure that you receive a more accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment that helps prevent mild oral health problems from becoming more serious ones. 

If you have tooth sensitivity this winter, contact Great Lakes Dental to set up an appointment. We can determine the cause of this sensitivity and treat it.

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